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iGex solutions is a fast growing open source development company in India. Standing class apart from others is the key to succeed in the world of the Internet. The Internet is now just beyond information and entertainment and thus it’s adding thousands of fresh pages every day.

If you need a global presence, you have to have a website but then, there are millions of pages the like. How your website or a page is different? In the world of the Internet, customizing the technologies the way we want is what open source is. But then, how you use an open source content management system for better results? Easy access to the website does it all for you and that is where you require open source customization services.

We at iGex Solutions Services, specializing in Open Source Customization Services. Open source CMS is a better way of implementing significant changes in a short period of time. Our teams of experienced developers help you in the incorporation of these changes properly and give you a complete solution. Our team is highly motivated and is a creative team of PHP developers who are willing to take up any challenge coming their way. We work on both, the existing applications to re-work on them or we start right from the conceptualizing to creating and delivering.

We at iGex Solutions Services specialize in this service. Our team of expert developers can help you reflect your needs and requirements properly inculcated into your applications giving you a perfect solution. We have a team of highly motivated, creative and experienced team of PHP developers who are ready to take up any challenge coming their way. We re-work on the existing application as well as starting right from the conceptualizing to creating and delivering.

Why Open Source Development ?

  • Open source technologies alleviate the licensing charges unlike any proprietary technology
  • Rich pool of source code available for speedy web application development
  • Provides higher performance and allows extensive customization
  • Offers better functionality and higher constancy
  • Designed to inner work – published interfaces and no hidden code
  • Provides a wide repository of plug-ins & modules
  • Easy to use interface for webmaster
  • Free from vendor lock-in and vendor whip
  • Provides greater flexibility
  • Ensures backward compatibility
  • Worldwide community back-up
  • Cost-effective and requires less development time

Whatever your needs are, we are committed to delivering high standard service with cost benefit. Please fill out the quote form or contact us.

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