Viewing Instagram as more beneficial to Business in comparison to normal users

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Viewing Instagram as more beneficial to Business in comparison to normal users
  • Alex S.
  • 12,Feb 2019
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I personally do have both a Business profile and a Personal profile on Instagram. I am working in a Business Development field from the last 9+ years and the core reason why I like this field is one of my hobby which is to meet the new people having different skills and from whom I personally can learn something and that is the reason my personal Instagram profile I am following less than 100 people while in Business profile following more than 500 people. Using Business Profile, I can follow more talented people though I personally don’t know them.

Like the above-given example, the same thing can be applied reverse means if as a business we are talented and have something unique to show our user they are surely going to follow our business.

Below are the reasons why Instagram is more beneficial to Business

  • Help business to improve sales

    If we compare Instagram with other social networking, then Instagram drives more sales to business in comparison to others. It purely allows to your work, your product to speak in the form of visuals and people are more believing to purchase any product if they can see it and read about their details.

    According to one research about 80 percent of the companies are actively posting on Instagram on a weekly basis and if you use the proper hash-tags then as a business you will be a winner the overall engagement rate per post has grown at a rate of 53 percent year-over-year.

  • What dominates more is Visual Content

    Social media users want to see visual content, whether that be infographics, photos, videos, presentations. Think about it: when you’re scrolling through your feed, aren’t you more likely to engage in the content is visually stimulating?

    Not that you really needed any stats to support this statement, but visual content has proven to perform better than any other content on social media. That’s because 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, 40 percent of people respond better to visuals than they do text and 93 percent of human communication is nonverbal. Oh, not to mention imagery is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

    Now there’s a higher chance of getting noticed by your audience.

  • A genuine way to present your business

    It’s not hard for a business to get caught up in that stuffy, suit-and-tie, “we mean business” facade. Having an interactive, engaging and appealing Instagram feed can help to break that barrier with your consumers. People like to know they are engaging with other people. So go ahead and be a bit spontaneous with it. Show your consumers who you are.

    By posting content regularly, you can give yourself the chance to come off as more personable, relatable and authentic to your audience. Show them some behind-the-scenes or ‘meet the staff’ photos so they can see what happens behind the screen. Bring your customers along to see a side of your brand they don’t normally get to see. They’ll feel more comfortable working with a business they feel is real.

    As a start-up or business if you need any suggestion or consultation to improve and learn more about increase your business values and business reach then don’t hesitate to contact me on I will be always here to provide a free consultation.

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