Let’s understand the Internet of Things (IoT) in detail and it impacts on Mobile App Development.

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Let's understand the Internet of Things(IoT) in detail and it impacts on Mobile App Development.
  • Alex S.
  • 17,Apr 2019
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With the use of IoT, the world is touching the new levels in Innovation. Many of the Consumer Electronics companies are heavily investing in IoT to remain on top of its competitive companies. But before we can get to know about the ways that application development is facing the impact of IoT, let's go through the basics of the Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The word IoT came into the light in 1999. It referred to as a network of device/object that consists of embedded technology in them and with the help of this technology, these devices/objects are able to communicate as well as interact with one another. The connection between devices can occur between various physical objects, for instance, in office/home space. Some examples of appliances with IoT integration are light fixtures, smoke alarms, etc., mainly devices that users can connect with any other device or directly to the Internet.

Impact on Mobile App Development.

  • Process Initiation

    Many of current mobile app developer is not aware of where they should start with the IoT because the IoT technology can be very expensive and the app developers are not willing to risk a big amount of money at once. The interesting part is that IoT technology is nothing but a collection of several components that are combined together to provide collective output. So, it is important for the app developers to learn about the IoT basics first before the technology implementation.
  • Knowing The Differences

    The process of developing and designing a mobile app is usually conducted on different levels and the same approach is taken by the software developers for IoT mobile apps as well. Although when it comes to using new emerging technology, the analytics regarding the targeted audience requires to be under more consideration. As an app developer, you never treat the two projects with different technologies the same way. That's why it is a better option to develop a new approach or language to deal with a particular technology that is still in its initial development stage.
  • Connectivity Problems

    The Internet of Things is all about device connectivity with the internet and also with other smart devices. In the case of mobile app development, the IoT technology can no longer be connected through the mobile cellular services which include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The above image shows the analytics of an IoT report by Statista which states that an average household in the United States has 10 active connected devices and households with 4 or more people even have 19 devices on average. So, the developers must figure a way out to resolve these issues related to the connectivity of the Internet with the ‘Smart Things.' That further means that IoT applications require an upgraded integration gateway or a standalone device similar to a DSL modem with a different connection protocol.
  • Need For Open Source Development

    Because the Internet of Things is quickly becoming an essential part of today's mobile application development systems and its integration is promoting app developers to develop innovative applications. For instance, nowadays there are many tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon that are adding more features to provide the developers to adapt to the technology of IoT. With the support of these Fortune 500 companies, we can say that in the upcoming years, the Internet of Things will be much more inclusive in different fields of work. This will eventually make IoT available to all those people who have knowledge of coding and can develop apps and software.
  • Finding Development Platform

    When it comes to creating the Internet of Things apps, the app developers have to start right from scratch. This makes the process more time consuming and prone to more errors. The issue here is that there is no Web-based platform available for the IoT app development, due to this the developers need new software for the process. There are many branches of industry that are taking advantage of IoT such as healthcare, energy, agriculture and many more. With each adaptation of IoT, we can see it joining the list of prominent technologies. This can be really beneficial for the introduction of services like connected wearables, smart cars, connected retail and smart cities.

Final Thoughts

The Internet of Things is encouraging a new horizon of innovation in the mobile application development industry. The ability of IoT to transform any object into a smart device is exactly the reason for its rapid adoption in different business verticals. There are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps that have been created for platforms like Android and iOS so it won't be completely out of the box if we can find our way to one unified platform for IoT apps. This platform can act as a huge platform for the Internet of Things that we are missing today.


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