Important aspects before hiring any Mobile App Developer

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Points which needs to be very clear in employer mind before contacting any Application Developer
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  • 11,Feb 2019
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iGex Solutions severing the Clients around all over the world from more than the last 9 years for web development and more than the last 4 years for Mobile App Development. Till now we have developed 80+ Mobile Apps (both in iOS/Android) and around 75% Clients are aware of their Mobile Application requirement and around 30% of the client are really aware of every do and don’t want about their applications. But the remaining 25% client who is not having a technical background or is from the other business are not much aware of the points which they need to be aware of before contacting to any Mobile App Developer if the client wants to have a successful mobile application. Below is the list of points which every nontechnical client needs to be aware of before contacting any Mobile App Developer to have a successful Mobile App dream come true.

Important factors to keep in mind while hiring a mobile app developer

  • Platforms

    If as a client, you are having any new concept in mind and thinks it will be unique one but still have some budget constraint in mind then do a study about the Platforms i.e. iOS/Android/Windows. The study which platforms have most users, which platform can give you more benefits in terms of ROI, which platform can give the app concept more popularity etc.
  • Application Name

    As an owner of the application client needs to choose the application name which suites his concept perfectly means the user can basically understand the application basic concept just by hearing the application name like WeChat, WhatsApp.
  • Application Concept & what purpose it will serve.

    Owner of application needs to be very clear about the application concept and the purpose which the application will serve so he/she can set the boundaries to what extent he/she can expand the concept at the initial stage.
  • Application Flow

    The flow of the application at least needs to be clear in the mind or owner can draw a rough flow using paper and pen so at least he can be aware that how his app will look like. By using this way 95% queries will get sorted which may arise to the developer mind when you say him/her about your concept.
  • Competition

    If your Application concept is like the one already existing application, then make sure you have at least one important unique feature or functionality in your concept which will put your application one step ahead in the competition.
  • Promotion

    In case if your application represents your business then you need to have a clear strategy in mind that once it’s gets completed how you will be going to promote it because without a promotion, to be frank, we don’t think any application gets popular same thing needs to be clear for every type of application.
  • Payment System

    It needs to be 100% clear before the start of the application that which payment gateway or system you would like to have in your application so do prior research on it as every payment gateway have their own fee charges/support services and many more.
  • Target Audience

    To make the application more popular you should be 100% aware of your target audience so while promoting the application you can target the specific audience.
  • Application Category

    iOS/Android/Windows all almost have the same list of categories under which your application will going to be listed and if you publish the app under right category it will make the chances better for application to get popular.


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