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At iGex Solutions Services, we believe in paying special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues for clients and internally. Our Security and IP Protection is followed by every employee and affiliate. We respect our client’s intellectual property rights and business data and take deep measures to safeguard them. We have whole range of Security policies accepted at different levels.

Information Non-Disclosure

  • To provide maximum security for each client, we sign NDA with them before exchanging any information related to project or their business.
  • Each of our employees is required to sign an Information Agreement at joining the company.
  • Any information related to project along with usage, copying, publishing, summarizing or moving this information out of the company’s premises is strictly prohibited.
Information Non Disclosure

Data Security

  • Unauthorized access to the network resources is prevented via Security Firewalls.
  • Authorized access to PCs and workstations is organized using Group Policies.
  • Only authorized person has the permission to access important files and directories.
  • E-mail and web-servers reside on an independent data centre.
  • Established Backup and Recovery Policy.Backups are performed on a monthly and daily basis. Monthly backups are stored in a secure location and the backup logs are properly maintained.
  • The established system of multi-level security management presupposes regular external security audits which enable to reveal the existing and possible security weaknesses.
  • No removable media (including CDs, flash memory storage devices etc.) may go in and out of the facility without the written permission from the administration.
Data Security

Network Security

  • The access to the VPN / VLAN / VNC is restricted to the authorized personnel only.
  • Workstations and servers are SPAM- and virus-protected in real-time mode.
  • Important infrastructure elements can be quickly replaced in case of malfunction to minimize system downtime.
  • Wireless LAN in the office is built using the security-enabled technology.
Internet Security

How We Work

How We Work

Each and every projects are different so they deserves to be analized, designed and developed by expert professionals.

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